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Show Reel 2019
Key-frame dance animation for Avakin Life

GTR Game Promotional Animation

This is the game opening trailer for "GTR" completed in August 2012.  I used  
Softimage, Maya, Z-Brush, Fusion, Photoshop, and Arnold Render.
I finished all the 3D processes myself, including directing
Shot Breakdowns - All CG was done on my own.

Puppy Raid Game Promotional Animation

This movie is the game opening trailer for the mobile game "Puppy Raid".
I finished this promotion movie with Maya, Softimage, Z-Brush, Nuke, Photoshop and
 Arnold Render. 
I worked on all 3D processes.
Shot Breakdowns - Look Development, Rigging, All Character Animations, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Directing.

Meet the New Me, A Teaser Animation

"Meet the new Me" is a full 3D animation project.  Its total duration is 40 mins long with the purpose of entering it into animation festivals. Presently, 11 people are working on this project from around the world including New Zealand, Canada, the US, and China. The film is currently in its production stage.
All CG in this teaser is done by myself
Software - Softimage, ICE, Gear, Redshift3D, Nuke, Fusion, After Effect

The Fairy Tale 2008 (Sheridan College Graduation Film)

A parody of an old fairy tale
This movie was my "Grad Film" for Sheridan College (Oakville, Canada).  It took 3 months to complete including the whole CG process and sound design.  
Note: I am not a sound designer, so the sound may come across as poor.