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Experienced of, 1 on 1 mentor, group mentor, mood-board, art bible, managing artists, recruiting artists, budget management for art team.

2019: World of Tank 4x, Tanks Brawl, Medieval Warfare, Monster Hunter (Germany), Art Director

2018: Transit king - iOS, Android (Finland), Art Director

2018: Honda Clarity Eco - iOS Android (Netherlands), Art Director

2017: Navy - Facebook AR (Netherlands), Art Director

2017: Red Bull Air Race Live VR - Android (Netherlands), Art Director
2017: Google AR ADs Prototype - Android (Netherlands), Art Director

2016: Avakin Life (Social Game) - iOS, Android (U.K), Outsourced Artist

2016: Associate Professor of Game Art & Animation, Hedmark University

2015: Let The Elf Go (Side Scroll) - Android (New zealand), Art Director, Creative Director, Producer

2014: Puppy Raid (Side Scroll) - iOS, Android (New Zealand), Art Director, Creative Director, Producer

2014: Training Monster (TCG) - iOS, Android (South Korea), Outsourced Artist

2014: TV Commercial Works (New Zealand, Australia), Art Director, Creative Director

2012: GTR - (Puzzle Game) - Web browser game (Netherlands), Art Director

2011: TV commercial works (New Zealand), Lead Artist

2008: Dino Time - Animated Feature Film (South Korea), Outsourced Artist

2005: Elf Solaris (RPG) - PSP (South Korea), Lead Artist

2005: Axel Impact (Racing Game) - PS2 (South Korea), Lead Artist

2003: Sky Runner - Animated Feature Film (South Korea), Lighting Supervisor

1997 ~ 2002: TV Commercial Works & Feature VFX (South Korea), Lead Artist

1996: Real fighter - PC 3d fight game (South Korea), 3D Artist

2D & 3D Illustrations